Teaching on calling in Christian colleges
  I am currently involved in a project to assist RegentCollege to explore the best means to develop effective career services on campus. This has involved teaching a workshop on Crafting a Career Worthy of God's Calling and assisting in the facilitating of an ongoing student community group with a focus on Vocational Discernment. This will also involvement in Vocational Discernemt retreats and public workshops.

Click here for an article on setting up a career centre on a Christian campus.

I have developed materials and taught on the Call of God at different colleges, including Canadian Bible College, Prairie Bible College, and Big Sky Bible Institute . The focus of this teaching is on the call (God’s calling people to Himself and then His calling them to work with Him) and on the integration of teaching on spirituality with teaching on a theological view of career and practical activities related to self-assessment and career exploration.

I have facilitated a workshop for Canadian Bible College seniors to prepare them for interviews with ordination boards or with church boards; this workshop emphasized a practical theology of career integrated with practical activities focusing on behavioural interviewing.

Along with Dr. Norm Amundson, I developed and taught a course on Career Counselling for the Masters in Counselling program at Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C.

  Open Learning Agency, BC
  I have done work at several levels for courses in OLA's certificate in career counselling.

I have taught a two-day credit course on Active Engagement and on Career Crossroads.

For several years, I have graded examinations on “Fundamental Counselling Theories” and the “Problem Solving Process in Employment Counselling” and evaluated counsellors’ application of the Problem Solving Process in Employment Counselling through audio-taped interviews with clients for the course on Career and Employment Counselling, Workplace Training Systems, a division of the Open Learning Agency, BC.

I prepared the formal participant guide and facilitator's guide for the Career and Employment Counselling, a course written by W. A. Borgen and N. E. Amundson.

  Teaching in Africa
  In 2000 I had the opportunity to develop and teach a course on Bible Study for Life and Ministry for international students preparing for cross-cultural missions at the Live School, World Mission Centre, Pretoria, South Africa. This was part of a larger project to video a 6-month series of courses to be later translated and used in small Christian schools and colleges throughout sub-Sahara Africa. It was a challenge because it needed to a practical how-to course presented using Microsoft PowerPoint and suitable for use in many different cultural contexts, as well it was to be prepared with the assumption that those taking the training would have little schooling and no resources other than a Bible.
  Teaching at Prairie Bible College
  Over a 13-year period I developed and taught numerous courses at Prairie Bible College:
Advanced Exegesis Johannine Books
Basic Greek New Testament Greek Introduction
Creative Learning Skills New Testament Greek Exegesis
Critical Thinking New Testament Greek Advanced Grammar
Dynamics of Disciple Building New Testament Survey
English Grammar Philippians Exegesis
Gospel of John Wisdom Literature
Introduction to Exegesis
  Extra-curricular responsibilities at Prairie Bible College
  For 10 years, I advised and synergized student classes in extra-curricular activities as a Student Class Advisor at Prairie Bible College. I was consistently involved in the development of student leaders through training, mentoring, and supervising in the planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating of student activities such as games nights, business meetings, formal programs, banquets, and retreats.
I facilitated the personal growth and development of others through discipleship. I advised and counselled students and co-workers by objectively identifying their problems, needs, and solutions, and thereby putting things into perspective. I functioned continually as a
resource person.
I preached and taught at churches, conferences, seminars and retreats. I facilitated small group workshops and discussions. I led meetings of various sizes.
  Administrative Responsibilities at Prairie Bible College
  I served as department head at Prairie Bible College for 7 years Department Head (1988-1989 Bible-Theology Department; 1985-1987 Bible Languages Department; 1983-1985 English Department). I chaired department meetings and served on numerous college committees (Bible College Council; Youth Quest Committee; Curriculum Review Committee; Academic Committee). I evaluated potential new faculty, promoted policy changes in college, planned and implemented an innovative Bible Language curriculum, and promoted harmonious relations between faculty members and administration.
  Feedback from others
  I have been praised by students, fellow faculty, and administration for commitment to personal growth and to serving others, for insatiable curiosity, for objectivity, for integrity, for thoroughness, for the ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms, for the creative integrating of detailed study with relevant applications to our modern day, for inspiring and equipping others to grow to their full potential in Christ

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