I have had considerable experience in the area of career consulting, both personally and as part of Ergon Communications.
  I have worked with a wide range of clients, such as Human Resources Development Canada, Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada, Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services, Open Learning Agency (BC), London Business School (UK), R.U.E. (Denmark), Canadian Bible College and Seminary, Prairie Bible College, Big Sky Bible College.
  I am a founding partner with Dr. Norm Amundson (University of British Columbia) in Ergon Communications.
  Ergon Communications is an information-based consulting company that specializes in the research, development, delivery, and publishing of career materials and programs.

Our publications and programs have been used both nationally and internationally. We have published 5 books and have 2 additional ones in press. Several of our books have been translated into French, Danish, Dutch, and Swedish. In addition to assisting in the writing and editing of our books, I have also been responsible for the design and desktop publishing of our books and our promotional literature.

  I have participated in the development and/or delivery of numerous career counsellor development projects.
  This has involved researching material, assisting in pilot projects, facilitating pilot projects and workshops, interviewing project leaders, developing new material, synthesizing and/or editing existing material, designing and producing graphics and layout. The current project I am involved in is the development of career tools and training for career practitioners working with Aboriginals. This Guiding Circles project is being done in partnership with the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Council of Canada.
  I have presented and/or facilitated many different workshops and courses for career practitioners both nationally and internationally.
  I have presented on topics such as Guiding Circles: An Aboriginal guide to finding career paths, Career Pathways, CareerCraft (including issues of creativity and career), Career Crossroads, Active Engagement, The Portfolio Conversation, Strategic Career Coaching, cross-cultural career counselling, dealing with change, learning organizations. I have presented personally and with Dr. Norm Amundson and others.
  I have facilitated various career programs and workshops for a wide range of clients,
  including Christians, college students, immigrants and immigrant youth, social assistance recipients, older displaced fishermen and fish processing workers, clients aged 45 and older.

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