Gray Poehnell
The Call

There is an increasing awareness of the importance of faith and spirituality in career matters. This course presents a flexible dynamic view of calling and gifting that is particularly relevant in today’s changing work world. This approach affirms people as unique creations of God and as God’s co-workers in this world. It seeks to bring meaning to all of a person’s life by integrating practical daily spirituality with calling and gifting.

The full course covers both aspects of God's call. Under the primary call (God's call to be with Him), topics covered include God's call to abide in Christ, to live in reality, to transformed in the light of hope and renewal, and to embrace practical Spiritual disciplines. Topics covered in the section on the secondary call to work with God include a theology of work, the spiritual discipline of crafting a career and looking for work, overcoming barriers, and the practical phases of career (self-assessment, career exploration and decision making, life-long learning, work search, and what to do once you are working).

this couse may be taught as a whole or in specific sections as needed.

Key Presentations:

A two-day workshop presented for college seniors preparing for ordination and church interviews. This is an abridgment of a full course on the Call.
Canadian Bible College
Regina, Saskatchewan
October 2002, January 2002, January 2001

A full five-day course taught at
Big Sky Bible Insititute
Big Fork, Montans
April 2002

A week-long course taught for an introduction to Christian life class
Canadian Bible College
Regina, Saskatchewan
October 2000

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