I have been engaged in teaching and training for over 25 years.I have presented in a wide range of contexts on an even wider range of subjects. In my teaching and training, I have always sought to be practical, to present the "how-to"s not just the "what"s.

Click on the following general areas to see some of the teaching and training I have presented. For some I have also provided a link to fuller about the presentation.

Topical presentations related to the call to be with God or practical spirituality.

Expositional presentations related to the call to be with God or practical spirituality.

Specific presentations related to the call to work with God as He fulfills His plans and purposes.

Specific presentations related to the training and development of career practitioners.


Expositional presentations on practical spirituality

In my teaching, I have sought to apply the truth of Scripture to everyday life and work out practical "how-to"s. I have sought to answer questions such as what does it mean that God has called me to Himself and how do I work it out in my life? The following is not a comprehnesive list but hopefully it will give a glimpse into the areas that God has been directing me to.

  • Exodus: Let my people go
  • Ezra: Building with God
  • Wisdom Literature
  • Ecclesiastes: A survival handbook for the real world
  • Habakkuk: Trusting God in a world gone mad
  • Haggai: A prophet who renewed renewal
  • The Beatitudes: Values with value
  • John: Abiding in Christ
  • Acts: Dr. Luke’s top ten awe-inspiring, life-changing, action-motivating, boldness-building, joy-releasing gospel truths
  • Acts 10: The conversion of Peter, allowing God to change me so I can be an agent of change
  • Romans: the life of faith
  • 1 Corinthians: Checking my spiritual foundations
  • 2 Corinthians: Ministering on the edge
  • Ephesians: Worship and walk, to the praise of His glor
  • Ephesians 6:10-20: Using the word of God in prayer
  • Colossians: Complete in Christ
  • 2 Timothy: Overcoming cynicism
  • Hebrews: Second wind, re-energized in Jesus
  • 1 Peter: Strangers in a strange land
  • 1 John; The real thing

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