As I have sought to walk with God, there are certain values which He consistently calls me back to.These are the ones which guide what I do and how I do it.

The call of God for all God’s people in all of life.

I believe that God, first and foremost, calls people to Himself through Jesus Christ. When people come into a faith relationship with God, they come into relationship with a God who is actively working out His plans and purposes in this universe. In fellowship with Him, they become His co-workers, fulfilling His plans and purposes in unique ways as a result of His unique gifting.

I believe a full understanding of the call leads to the integration of all of life, including the secular as well as the sacred. All of life is to be lived out with God.

I believe that ministry is the privilege and responsibility of every believer not just the prerogative of a select few of professional workers. All believers are called by God. All believers possess the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit directs the ministry of the church as He calls and gifts all its members. God desires to fulfill His plans and purposes in all spheres of life, in the local church, in the home, in the community, at work, etc. Ministry involves serving God and others by expressing His values and purposes in whatever sphere of life we find ourselves.

Word & Spirit

I believe in the relevance of the Word of God and the Spirit of God to all of life.

I believe Christ is the head of His church and is actively leading His Church through His Word and His Spirit. As the Holy Spirit was essential in the inspiration of the Word, so too today He is essential in helping believers, individually and corporately, to understand and apply the Word. It is this work of the Spirit which enables the Word to bring freedom rather than bondage in legalism.

I believe meditation and prayer are essential if these two are to be united as God intended.

Renewal and Hope

I believe that, as God’s children, our present life, even our present work life, is one of renewal in hope through the Spirit,

I believe God is working to renew or transform us into the image of His Son. Renewal is intended to touch every aspect of life as God frees us to experience the life He has given us in His Son.

I believe God calls us to renewal, to transformation in anticipation of the future He has for us. It is this hope of renewal which enables us to cope with the paradoxes and difficulties of life that we face. It is this hope which enables us to move beyond our past.

I believe that no matter what happens now, we know we will be made like Jesus; with this hope in our hearts, we embrace God’s renewing process for us now.

Practical Application

I believe in the relevance and practical application of Scripture and prayer to all of life through the indwelling Holy Spirit. I believe in the importance of knowing the practical “how-to's" of the Christian life not just the “what's."

I believe that such application is worked out through a life of discipleship and practical spiritual disciplines. For example, since career is one aspect of calling, the crafting of a career should be viewed as a spiritual discipline.

It is spiritual because for the Christian it is the Spirit who directs, empowers, and enables in the outworking of the call. It is spiritual because it is an expression of the believer’s relationship with God and for His glory.

It is a discipline because the child of God must cooperate with the Spirit and exercise discipline in all realms: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

I believe in equipping the people of God to enable them to do the work of ministry (Eph. 4) and ministry involves all of life.


I believe that our calling is to be discovered and lived out within community. Our relationship with God and, therefore, our calling is to be reflected in our relationships with one another. As we are treated by God, so we are to treat one another; as we wish to love and serve God, so we are to love and serve one another.

The Word describes our relationship in many different images: e.g. church, family, body, building/temple, community. These pictures show the richness and diversity of our relationships together while emphasizing our interdependence for spiritual growth, worship, and ministry.

Creativity & flexibility

I believe that since God is a dynamic creative Person and that the Christian life is an ongoing creative act of God, it is essential to develop and embrace creativity and flexibility as foundational principles of the Christian life.

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