I have a vision of the Church as a community where people can be equipped to integrate their faith with the practical challenges of everyday life, including the challenges of crafting a career in today’s changing work world.

I have a vision that ordinary Christians might know the practical renewing of mind and life by the Spirit of God through the Word of God. I have a vision that this renewing will touch every area of their lives.

I have a vision for the equipping of the people and leaders within local churches, schools, missions, and organizations to develop a dynamic sense of God’s calling within the individual and corporate lives of their respective communities.

In other words, I have a vision of churchs, schools, missions, or organizations as places that equip people to go out into today’s world, into today’s labour market with the knowledge and skills ...

  • to know the presence of God in their lives,
  • to know who they are in Christ,
  • to make wise life and career choices,
  • to plan realistic career goals,
  • to know how to actually find and maintain work,
  • to balance personal and career demands,
  • to be flexible and creative in the solving of countless problems that will arise, and
  • to know how to do all this in a dynamic relationship with the living God (Eph.2:10; John 5:17, 19).

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