The following are a few basic websites which may be a help as you explore your calling, especially on career matters. This are but a sample of the rich resources online. Use these to link to other resources or conduct word searches on areas of interest.

Christian Sites:

Faith at Work (New Zealand) provides training and resources related to career and life planning, the theology of work and vocation, everyday spirituality, ethics for business and the marketplace, and the ministry and mission of the laity in daily life from a Christian perspective.

Intervarsity’s Ministry in Daily Life is a great starting point for studies and articles relating to faith and work issues from a Christian perspective.

Scruples links to people and articles relating to faith and work issues from a Christian perspective as well as an online forum for ongoing discussion.

is a resource for online job postings within Christian contexts.

Christian Careers Canada is a site for career information and job postings from a Christian perspective.

InterChristo is a long established U.S. organization providing practical career help to Christians.

Canadian Christianity
has job postings for work within Christian contexts.

General Sites:

The International Career Development Library is a free, online collection of full-text resources for counselors, educators, workforce development personnel, and others providing career development services.

is a good starting place for links about career management and work search in Canada.

Jobs, Workers, Training & Careers is the foundational site established by Human Resources Development Canada for information and links regarding career management, training, and work search.

CareerOneStop links to a suite of services for job seekers and businesses that has been developed by the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

The Riley Guide is a rich resource of practical information and advice about career management and work search.

The Job Hunter’s Bible is another rich resource established by Richard Bolles, well-known author of What Color Is Your Parachute.

Workopolis is advertised as Canada’s largest job site. It is representative of many sites where jobs are actually posted. is another important site for posting a resume or searching job postings.

Career Portfolios
is a good source for basic portfolio theory; it also includes an extensive list of web sites that either explain or demonstrate portfolios.

Blueprint for Life/Work Designs’ Appendix E: Career Portfolio: Telling your life/work story,
is good introduction to portfolio development with an extensive list of resources.

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