I have a passion not only to teach about calling but also to equip people who desire to help others or equip others to explore their Christian calling.

The church and the world today need individual Christians, pastors, missionaries, Christian workers and leaders who understand the practical aspects of life, career, and employment in today’s changing work world and are able to address them from a practical Christian perspective.

I have been training career practitioners both in Canada and internationally for many years, as a partner in Ergon Communications and as an independent consultant.

Some of my training has included ...

If you are interested and wish to know more about the possibilities, check out my portfolio, which contains a section on selected workshops for career practitioners which I have delivered.

If you need development or have staff who need to be developed, especially as career practitioners or coaches or simply to be more effective in working with others in the area of calling, I can be of help. Please feel free to contact me.

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