My work in Vocation-all Resources flows from my goals of assisting individuals or organizations (churches, schools, colleges, mission societies, para-church organizations, or Christian businesses) as they explore Christian calling.

I seek to equip people to go out into today’s world, into today’s labour market with the knowledge and skills ...

  • to know the presence of God in their lives,
  • to know who they are as God’s unique creation,
  • to make wise life and career choices,
  • to plan realistic career goals,
  • to know how to actually find and maintain a job,
  • to balance personal and career demands,
  • to be flexible and creative in the solving of countless problems that will arise, and
  • to know how to do all this in a dynamic relationship with the living God.

I seek to equip others to equip people with calling.

If you or your organization needs assistance in working through the practical aspects of daily spirituality, especially as it is worked out in career issues, please contact me. As God leads, I am ready to work together with you to see if I can be of help.

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